ID:ENTITY Self: Perception + Reality

Tunnel Vision

David Gruber, David M Rieder, Tunnel Vision, 2011 Digital interactive

David Gruber and David Rieder’s Tunnel Vision, a cybertextual interpretation of Mark Strand’s poem, The Tunnel. Strand’s poem dramatizes the fear and loathing that we feel as we confront a sense of the outsider within us. Gruber and Rieder’s interpretation of Strand’s poem uses a webcam with motion-tracking software to extend and allegorize the connection that a user feels with the technologized and externalized projection of the self on the screen¬¬–a self that is inextricably linked to the words from Strand’s poem. The work is a contribution to a type of experimental writing known as cybertext. Strand’s poem and a scholarly essay about their work will be displayed alongside this interactive work.

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